Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions on Magicaliptv


Stream IPTV on multiple devices with one subscription

Do you Accept PayPal or CashApp?

NO, for now we don't accept PayPal or CashApp payment but we only accept.

  1. -Visa/Mastercard-Shared as Invoice link
  2. -MoneyGram
  3. -Western Union
  4. -Cryptocurrency
  5. -Pyypl


1. What should I do if IPTV Smarters pro is crashing?

-Clean caches of the app and delete unused apps on the device for more space, crashing is caused due to lack of enough memory.

-Use alternative apps ,like Tivimate, Televizo or Blink IPTV player

2. What are the requirements to use MagicalPTV?

  1. -Stable internet
  2. -Smart TV, Android TV
  3. -Android Box
  4. -Firestick
  5. -Nvidia
  6. -Apple TV
  7. -Streaming Apps, e.g. Tivimate, Tivimate, IPTV Smarters Pro, Blink IPTV

3.Is MagicalIPTV IP Locked?

NO, you can use it anywhere on any device across the world. e.g. 1Month-2Connections, One device can be used in UK and another one in South Africa without problem.

4. How many devices can I use for MagicalIPTV at the same?

You can use MagicalIPTV on up to five devices at the same time in different location across the world. This applied to 12Months-5Connections ONLY.

5. Is MagicalIPTV offer trial before purchase?

YES, Magicaliptv offers 36Hours free trial before purchase, start trial by clicking HERE

5. How to contact MagicalIPTV?

You can contact us through email address at or Telegram on the Website or WhatsApp sent along side with your order.

6. Can i get WhatsApp video call?

YES, to get video call you will receive Whatsapps number on your order

7. Refund

-Click HERE to get more about refund

8. VPN

Do MagicalIPTV subscription come with VPN installed or as Part of it during purchase?

NO, We don't sell or provide VPN for our services. You need your own VPN.

-We only give recommended VPN which is ProtonVpn

-Read HERE reasons why you must have VPN